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Leslie Blackburn
I found the rewind button at 65. This photo is me after I did the Dubbo Park run. I did it in 43 minutes. Tried to catch the pacer but my running speed nees a little extra. In February when I did the same run I walked and it was really hard work. Took a good hour. Never thought I would actually do some running. Physically I feel great. The years have fallen away. I was doing exercise before the Hub but not consistently and more what I liked doing. In other words not whole body which makes such a difference. Now to see if I can improve on my Park run time.
"I joined the hub to bring exercise and fitness and wellness into the spotlight in my life. I’m a lot stronger and that's a big benefit and food it’s definitely encouraged me to try different things. The help and support and the information that you get through the program makes you more aware of health and how important it is." - Emma Taylor

"The variation and having it laid out in front of you, with challenges each week. It’s not about needing an hour, if I have 10-15 minutes I have a repertoire of things I can do, and I don’t need any equipment. Integrating things into my day, and changes around eating healthier, portion control especially when I am travelling a lot." - Georgie Somerset
"Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise regime".
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