How to improve muscle tone and strength

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Lots of people struggle with muscle tone and strength, especially as they get older and muscles lose that elasticity to stay in shape. If we look at firstly strengthening a muscle it is important to know that muscles are made of millions of fibres that slide and work together to contract. How many fibres are actually engaged and working in … Read More

Running isn’t everything!

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Running isn’t everything! When people think fitness program they immediately think painful exercise that usually involves push-ups, burpees and running. All of which can be very daunting and scary. I’ve had lots of conversations with people about their health and fitness. One of the first things they say is “I want to be fit but I hate running”. I’m always … Read More



Is it the fear of exposing our lily white legs and squeezing into our togs that get us moving in Spring or is there something bigger at play? I’m always totally weirded out by how much I start cleaning when that first day of spring hits. It’s so bizarre!! I spend every other day staring at drawers, cupboards, and windows … Read More

Time – How we waste more than we think!

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The #1 excuse for not exercising is always time. When you say “I don’t have enough time to exercise”, what you really mean is “I don’t want to spend any time on exercising because I would rather do…… (anything else)”. Do you really think that you have absolutely no time to exercise? I bet if you added up all the … Read More