Don’t ignore your pelvic floor!


If you’re a woman who has had a baby or two, then you would have no doubt heard all about the importance of keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong and active.  Why?  Because wetting your knickers when you cough, sneeze, run, jump, lift or push, is not NORMAL!  This issue of LBL (light bladder leakage, or heavy in some circumstances) … Read More

Striving for a quality life

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“Sorry Joy but you’re bone density is below the benchmark.” “WTF, are you telling me that after 20 odd years of flogging myself around a court, field, track, pool and road, that it has amounted to lower than average bone density, with a high possibility of osteoporosis.” I didn’t say this but I was thinking it! The joys of hindsight! … Read More

The Bikini Body Bluff

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Bloody bikinis! Who would have thought they’d be associated with physical fitness and overall health. Let’s not forget they are only about 50cm of material! If only it was tracksuits!! Then we’d have the 6 week Tracksuit Body Program which would be totally achievable for a lot more people. The bikini body image, in my opinion, has done more damage … Read More

Mothers Guilt

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“Why would you put your body through that?” questions the husband as he quizzically looks at his wife, bending and stretching through her final set of push ups and squats.She replies through breaths, “If you have to ask that, then you really don’t get it”. Do we need any justification to exercise and if so why? Has exercise really become … Read More

You can’t outrun a bad diet!

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No amount of huff and puff will ever make up for eating crap food! It’s a well known perspective throughout the health and fitness industry and society in general.  If you are one of those people that think exercising is your opportunity to eat whatever you feel you want to shove down your throat, then you need to take a good … Read More

Ya Fat Bastard

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Look at you; you fat bastard! Isn’t this just the most delightful way to greet a mate? NOT! There’s a reason why this kind of line would never be said to a woman; it’s because women really do care about how they look, no matter what they say. Some really do care more than others but in general we all … Read More

Get A Life – Off The Track Training

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If you think I’m one of those fanatical freak fitness trainers that eat, think and breathe exercise, then you are sadly mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing fit things and I love talking, and helping people feel and look fit too, but I’m not a “fit-at-all-costs” type of chick. I want you all to know that, just so … Read More