Tackling Exercise


So much to do so little time!

Do you ever find yourself so overwhelmed by your job lists and where to start that you feel paralysed and end up doing nothing?
This feeling applies to life, but also our health and fitness.
With so much choice, so many opinions, quick fixes, big goals, diets etc.. we can easily feel overwhelmed and paralysed to start anything at all.
* Should I follow this trainer or that one?
* Should I meditate or should I run?
* Should I eat now or later?
* So much noise!!!

So how do we stop the noise and start something that matters?

Here are some golden tips adapted from one of the world’s greatest thought leaders, Brendon Burchard, that I’ve applied to help me deal with exercise overwhelm and to cut through the noise, stay focused and actually achieve something that works for me and my life (as you know we are all different and need to apply good solid health and fitness principles that work for us and our lifestyle).

1.Start your day organised
Take some time the night before or early in the morning to work out what the day is going to entail. Map out your “must do’s” but make them achievable!
Decide exactly what fitness sessions you will do and what you’ll cook for at least the trickiest meal of the day that always has you in a spin.

2. Allow for breaks
Don’t hem yourself in so much that you don’t allow for downtime between jobs.
Make these breaks effective so you can recharge and be in full force for the next job on the list.
Meditate, stretch, read, lie down or just chill anyway possible.

3. Catch up time
Delegate time in your day that is purely for catching up on those little bits and pieces you didn’t quite get around to finishing. Even if it is 30min just before bed, it will give you a chance to start the next day a little further ahead.

4. Be kinder to yourself
There are only so many hours in the day and so much of ‘you’.
Go easy on yourself and know that you are doing your best and that is enough.
You may not tick all the boxes every day but remember you are the only one keeping score.
Cut yourself some slack and bring some emotional peace into your world.
Breathe easy!!

You can’t overlook the benefits of meditation when it comes to tacking overwhelm.

Here’s my little 7 Day: Motivation -Mood – Meditation Planner to help you breathe easy and bring emotional peace to your day. Don’t we all need a bit of that!

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Catch you soon cool cats