How to stop the yo-yo diet and exercise effect!


Diet and weight, young woman with a scale, she is desperate and shouting

Low fat, no fat, small dinners, smoothies, juices, strength, HIIT, triathlons, home workouts, gym membership, high protein, carbs after 5, 1 starving day per week, meditation, yoga…… OMG the choices in how we eat and exercise are endless!

Unfortunately so is the yo-yo effect of adopting an eating and exercise regime that you can’t maintain and leaves you bouncing from one quick fix to another.  

So here’s the thing!    

How good would it actually feel to know that what you ate this week, is how you could eat for the rest of your life?  You never actually had to change it again.  You never had to have a “blitz” or “starvation” day or “fresh start”, you just hummed along…. forever!!! Let’s just really absorb that feeling for a moment……….

Now, imagine being content with your fitness regime. IMAGINE!  You never had to feel guilty for missing a day, totally wrecked from flogging yourself to make up for the crappy food or the missed weeks and months.  Imagine even liking it, looking forward to it, having fun and feeling so damn energetic!!!  

All of this yo-yoing from one diet and exercise regime to the next makes us totally psycho and has an all-round crappy effect on how we feel and look.  Our body and mind just want to feel content because that innately makes all of our systems work better.  

So how can we stop this disastrous yo-yo feeling?  

Here’s what I believe and encourage when I work with people virtually in Joy’s Fitness Hub (believe me I know from being a former yo-yoer myself):  

Tip #1:  Ditch the extremities

Don’t go from nothing to all!  Take it steady and progress with commitment.  For example

choose one crappy food in your diet and delete or substitute.  With exercise, choose something that you can’t fail at, like completing one core exercise before bed.  Practise it until it’s a habit!

Tip #2:  Have a forever belief

To be honest, weight loss, waist size and all the elements of how we feel we should look, really doesn’t help the yo-yo effect.  When we set our sights on the big, valuable and important reason for being fit and eating well, then it’s easier to achieve.  Especially if the belief we have genuinely means a lot to us.  

Tip #3:  Don’t ignore how food and fitness make you feel

Too often we forget how good we feel about ourselves when we do eat well and exercise.  Keep that fitness magic alive and remember that it has an impact on our attitude towards every other element of our lives, for example work, family, friendships and the list goes on.  

Tip #4:  Find the time

So many of us make excuses as to why we can’t eat a certain way or fit in exercise and they mostly revolve around time.  There is time, the challenge is you have to find it!  When you truly prioritise your health and fitness,  the time opportunities will reveal themselves.  

Wayne Dyer states “You’ll see it when you believe it”, and nothing could be more true when it comes to seeing the possibilities to fit in fitness.  

Tip #5:  Be still and satisfied

Rushing from one snack to another and jamming yourself with intense fitness all of the time, are sure fired ways to yo-yo.  Be still and decide consciously on a good balance of workouts each week or month depending on your interests and goals – intense, moderate, easy, relaxing!  Feeling satisfied with what you are eating takes patience.  Sit down, enjoy your meal and choose satisfying food that is wholesome. This way you will feel less like snacking and more like cooking, preparing and digesting!!