Is it the fear of exposing our lily white legs and squeezing into our togs that get us moving in Spring or is there something bigger at play?

I’m always totally weirded out by how much I start cleaning when that first day of spring hits. It’s so bizarre!! I spend every other day staring at drawers, cupboards, and windows that need to be decluttered and cleaned but as soon as that change of season hits, I get this new found energy to do it. So what’s different?

I put it down to the fact that our bodies and the seasons work together so that over the space of a year we get what we need and we do what needs to be done. It’s amazing when you think about how much of what we do and feel is dictated by the seasons. Our food for example – eating seasonally is one of the most beneficial ways to tick all the nutritional boxes. There’s a reason why mangoes are a summer fruit and why warming hearty veggies like cauliflower and cabbage grow in winter. Regardless of the scientific reason for this, we all know that those are the foods we feel like at those times of the year. And I’ve realised that the same applies to exercise!

Listening to our bodies and choosing an exercise that fits with the season is an awesome way of adding variety into our yearly fitness regime but to also feel less like a bear with a sore head when you come out of that winter cave. I don’t blame anyone for letting their fitness slide over the winter months. It’s cold, dark and sometimes wet! The season is almost begging you to stay inside and keep warm. Squeezing into my thermal cycling pants and heading off to face the minus temperatures when training in London over the winter, was not one bit fun.

A lot of us do become moody and cranky over the winter months which is either a cause or result of giving up on the fitness regime because your choice of exercises are predominantly suited to the warmer months. Maybe our bodies are telling us we need to do something different over winter. Take note of the word SOMETHING!!!

Regardless of the season, landscape or lifestyle that you live in, there is always some way of staying fit and healthy. Doing absolutely nothing every winter will really put your motivation, physical fitness and mental health at an all time low. Our fitness type and routine may change in the winter months but they should still exist. In fact, having a winter fitness regime and then a summer one is the best way to challenge your body physically, and become energised.

We don’t have to curl up in our cave and hibernate for the winter, we can simply adopt our winter fitness regime. When that change of season comes, we’ve effectively stored up some energy over winter and are ready to get out and about, soaking up our yearly dose of vitamin D.
I always advise doing something rather than nothing but you don’t have to feel bad about being a little less than excited about exercise over winter. Think of it as or bodies time to hibernate a little, store up some energy and get ready for the warmer months.

Here’s my seasonal fitness regime that works to keep me motivated and in good shape all year round.