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If you have anything to do with managing animals then you’ll no doubt be very familiar with Low Stress Stock Handling and the concept of pressure and release. Yes, get ready because I’m going to relate it to how we manage the people around us and especially coach them to creating sustainable change.   As a mother, business partner and Fitness Coach I’m faced with the choice to add pressure or release pressure every day.

We all handle pressure differently and require a certain amount to perform. Nothing could be more significant than when coaching people to become more physically active. Motivation being the most significant factor in whether people start, complete or finish a fitness program. How much pressure do they need to start and how much can they handle during the program? The answers are only revealed as you add pressure. As with animals, some will fight you, defy you, and create every excuse under the sun to avoid conforming.

Others will comply without question and move in the direction of the herd. You’ll get those types who stand in the gateway, unsure of whether moving through would be safe, hesitant to be the first and insecure about their ability to progress. This life takes all types!

What I know about pressure and release is that placing the right type of pressure for the individuals to move forward is important, making them feel it’s a move in the right direction. Releasing that pressure for them to feel comfortable and confident in their new space allows them to discover for themselves that what they thought was scary and overwhelming is actually quite a good place to be.

Mcclymont-familySome obstacles and environments offer up a whole new challenge for people and require added pressure to move forward. It always helps if there are individuals who bravely make the move and show the rest of the group that it isn’t so difficult after all. You just really hope that the rest of the herd are watching!

I wish they included LSS in their Cert IV Personal Trainer course. It would have saved me so many years of looking at people sitting in a gate way or putting me up the rails!


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