Over thinking exercise…. Exhausted before you even put on your joggers!

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5 tips to stop over thinking and ACTIVATE yourself to get fit today

“It’s going to hurt”, “How am I going to do this for an hour each day”, “What if I miss a day”, “I’m so unfit I can’t even decide where to start, “I can’t exercise until I’ve got a spare hour”, “If I don’t get up at 5am then I can’t do it”

Being fit is a good gig, so why is it so hard for so many people to even start? One of the most common issues is over thinking exercise… exhausting people before they even put their joggers on.

If you say any or all of these then you are definitely putting too much thought into something that needs to be simple in order to be sustainable. Exercising is just movement! Yes there are lots of different ways that we can do this and yes there are some things that may benefit you more than others, but in a nutshell if you move, then you are one step closer to being fit. The most important thing to remember is that SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Don’t disregard the importance of even just one small exercise a day, consistently over many days. One little bit usually leads to more and accumulates to making a big difference. After 7 years of being either pregnant or breastfeeding, I can totally vouch for all these little bits accumulating to a significant bit. If I hadn’t initiated a habit of doing 1 core exercise every day then I would have one seriously sloppy core by now.

People often put off exercise because they believe they need a long period of time, special gear, the right temperature etc.. this is totally over thinking the whole fitness deal. The time you waste over thinking the fitness task is usually the time you could have spent actually doing it. So when the whole world is telling you to think, prepare and plan, I’m telling you that action is what you need, not thought. If motivation is your issue, which it is in 90% of the population, then let someone else do the planning for you, and eventually you’ll be doing it for yourself.

So here are my top 5 Tips to stop over thinking and ACTIVATE yourself to get fit today:

Step 1: Choose just 1 exercise that you know how to do and that will benefit you. Do it every day for a set amount of reps or time, and make it 100% achievable. For example star jumps, step ups, push ups, squats, wall squat etc..

Step 2: Put your joggers on as soon as you get out of bed so you have to do your chosen exercise before you can take them off.

Step 3: Place a red dot or mark at the kettle and the computer so every time you look at it, you have to do your chosen exercise.

Step 4: Make a rule with a friend that you have to tell (or text) each other what exercise you’ve done each day.

Step 5: Record your progress on the calendar. Tick the days you do it and record how many you do!

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