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Meet Joy

Hey, it's great to meet you!!!!

I'm a Fitness Trainer, Motivator, mother of four, Grazier (of cattle and sheep) and I help people all over the world feel good about who they are and what they can achieve for their health and fitness.  Most importantly to me is empowering people to fit in fitness with life, for life!  

My passion for health and fitness started as a young active kid but has taken many twists and turns since then.  From excessively overtraining for Ironman Triathlons, with nil body confidence and frequent yo-yo dieting, to feeling sloppy, sluggish and oh so tired after the birth of my first baby.  It’s been a learning curve to say the least!  

Coaching and helping people be fit and healthy is what I have always done through various team sports and fitness training groups. While working as a personal trainer for a health organisation , I realised that it wasn’t just the program that people needed to guide them along, it was the social connections, motivation, belief and self-confidence which determined their success.

"I love the inclusive and supportive environment of the hub and from you Joy, it really does make a difference. I'm proud of myself for making changes happen and grateful to your program for being the support I need." ~ Sonia

Joy's Fitness Hub 

Your virtual health and fitness community and program that fits in with life

24 Week Lifestyle Program 
Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset

24 Week Lifestyle Program is perfect if you're looking for a holistic program that fits in with life and creates habits that set you on a path to achieve whole body fitness, a nourishing diet and positive mindset. 

This program is focused on building your strength, stamina, speed and suppleness in a way that is both time efficient and achievable.  The focus is on elevating your energy, managing stress and learning how to move, eat and believe in yourself, one week at a time.

This program will: 

  • Give you an achievable and organised weekly program for fitness, nutrition and mindset
  • Train you head to toe in whole body fitness with strength, stamina and flexibility 
  • Save you time with fast, fun and effective fitness sessions
  • Be easy to use for any level of fitness - beginner to advanced
  • Learn how to eat nourishing food without starving or succumbing to cravings
  • Improve your positivity and mental strength to achieve your goals and stay committed
  • Provide you with a Program Pack including Workbook and Flash Drive to take with you wherever you go and keep you humming regardless of your internet connectivity
30 Day Make Your Move Program

The 30 Day Make Your Move Program is designed to get you started and keep you humming.  As our best short term program, the 30 Day will give you simple fitness sessions and easy to follow nutrition tasks that will elevate your energy and get you excited about feeling fit and healthy.

This program will:  

  • Take you from feeling sluggish to energised
  • Easily fits in with a busy, time poor lifestyle
  • Be simple and achievable to follow 
  • Get you moving and motivated
HUB LIVE - Workouts + Monthly Coaching & Motivation

The ultimate in fitting in fitness whilst at home, in your backyard, motel room or anywhere.
With LIVE workouts streamed to a private Facebook group and recorded via our teleconference system, you can tick off your workout anytime and anywhere.

This program will: 

  • Boost your motivation and keep your excited about fitness
  • Provide you with HIIT, Circuit Strength, Yoga/Stretch and Weighted Workouts each week
  • Allow you to fit your fitness sessions into your schedule - anywhere, anytime