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Take Time Out For You
You Deserve It!
Merridy Woodroffe, a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, who will be guiding us through a yoga experience like no other.
Lara was first exposed to meditation at a young age from her wise mother, who introduced Lara to children’s meditations books and recordings, as resources to help Lara with her schooling. 
Lara graduated as a Naturopath in 2004 and in 2009 completed her Yoga Teacher training at Laughing Lotus Yoga School NYC. Since her initial teacher training, Lara has been exposed to various Yogic Meditation practices, learning from Sage teachers worldwide. 
Drawing teachings from a rich Yogic lineage of cultivated wisdom, Lara selects what resonates within her own personal practice and shares this knowledge in a realistic, uncomplicated and gentle way.

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