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Are you eating too much too often?
Tackling portion size and mindless snacking.
Achieving consistency and maintaining a fitness habit for life

Constantly snacking and eating when you're not hungry?

Dropping in and out of exercise routines.  

Frustrated with feeling like you can't be consistent with exercise and your life?

If you answered YES to these questions then join this webinar.

I'm going to share the best tips to create a consistent exercise routine (that is not too extreme or lazy) that I've used to keep humming along for 10 years (there were lots of babies in that time also).  

Now I am no freak fitness fanatic but 10 years of generally doing something most weeks is a bloody big deal and it's completely changed the way I feel within my own body and how I view fitness in general.  

I know that this makes a big difference to how we progress.

Consistency pays off, when you achieve it.  

Stacey Curcio (B.Hsc M.Human Nutrition -  naturopath/ nutritionist) from Cultivating Wellness joins us to address the causes, effects and solutions to eating too much, too often.  

You won't want to miss these critical tips from Stacey who is completely down to earth and keeps it real for real people (just like you and I).  

Locking in your attendance and turning up is the first step in your commitment journey.  


Meet Your Hosts:
Off The Track Training
Joy McClymont
Cert IV Personal Trainer
Fitness Australia's Active Achiever 2016
Telstra QLD Business Awards Finalist 2017
Owner and founder of ‘Off The Track Training’ and a mother of four young children, Joy has managed to consistently maintain her motivation to exercise and improve the health of her whole family.   Living in isolation has forced Joy to innovate health and fitness in a new way to stay healthy, strong, happy and motivated.  Joy is determined to help people to see the benefits of being healthy and stay fit, strong and happy, forever.
Cultivating Wellness
Stacey Curcio
Nutrtionist/ Naturopath
B.Hsc & M. Human Nutrition

Stacey Curcio, is a passionate naturopath / nutritionist who is focused towards providing education and support to help nourish families and educate consumers.  Stacey has a realistic, down to earth approach in relation to food and provides practical advice to a wide range of people and lifestyles.  Stacey is a well researched naturopath / nutritionist who brings a great deal of knowledge relating to nutritional medicine and lifestyle illnesses.