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A Hub Where Health and Fitness is part of your life, for life 

Let 2020 begin! My motto for this year: Life is way too short to stuff around, so I'm not stuffing around and instead launching our Joy's Fitness Hub 24 Week Program on 1st February!

This program and community is my way of creating a place where being fit and healthy is the norm and not the exception.  This is where people are supported to get back on the wagon, are inspired to keep trying no matter what and realise they are capable of way more than they ever thought possible.

It's time for you to experience what it's really like to
• stay motivated
• commit to yourself
• be part of a supportive community
• have a team of trainers helping you succeed
• feel truly amazing!
The 24 Week Program is uniquely designed for "real" people who want to

Get Fit and Stay Fit for life.

Joy... The Get Fit Chick

Cert IV Fitness Trainer, Creator of Joy's Fitness Hub and Owner of Off The Track Training

When people feel energised and confident, they live a quality life.  Movement is the key to being at your best throughout life.  Taking control of your health and fitness gives you the power to be at your best no matter what curve balls life throws at you.

Stacey.. The Foodie Chick

B. HSc M. Human Nutrition, Naturopath / Nutritionist and co-creator of Joy's Fitness Hub

I believe that quality trumps quantity (in everything in life). I believe that balance and a positive mindset is important, and that how you eat is just as important as what you eat.
Staying motivated to tackle a health and fitness journey can be difficult and daunting especially when you feel self-conscious and isolated.  

Our programs may be virtual however our community and support network is so unique that it truly makes you feel supported and connected no matter where you live.  
We've got your back! 
24 Week
 Program Package

Fit it in ANYTIME
Suitable for ANYONE

When you join our 24 Week Program
you become an 
exclusive member of our
Joy's Fitness Hub community

As a Hub Member you will have access to:  
24 Week Program + Package
Home based fitness, nutrition and motivation program 
24 Week Program Workbook 
Audio workouts
Video demonstrations
Coach support 
All fitness levels are catered for within the program.  
Community & Support
Stay motivated and connected with people just like YOU!
Private Chat ask your coaches a question privately within your membership. 
Social Wall - Don't have Facebook? You can still interact and meet other Hub Members on our social wall. 
Open Coaching Calls & Hub Chats with trainers and experts including Joy McClymont (fitness trainer) and Stacey Curcio (Naturopath & Nutritionist)
Mobile App
Joy's Fitness Hub app available on Android and Apple
Easy to access audio and video workouts
FREE for all Joy's Fitness Hub Members in 2020
Here's HOW we're helping real people
achieve Life Long Health & Fitness!

Amazing to be apart of a group doing similar things day to day, makes us feel a bit normal versus other fitness programs, so I love your line about making the minority feel like the majority!! Just punched out my 3 reps whilst the babies were still sleeping....I actually sat down....then remembered so got straight off my butt before the...later mindset set in. Thank you again you are really making a difference to not only the physical fitness of many but more importantly, I believe, mental strength, the stuff we really need when the going gets tough.


I must confess… I started doing the star jumps prior to starting, as suggested and this little fitness teaser or reminder is fantastic! It is just what I needed to get going again. I still played two seasons of netball this year, but can’t seem to find any ‘me’ time in between playing and organising that, motherhood, bookwork, work and the girls. I am feeling motivated and happier in just the few days. Thank-you mate for this opportunity. I can’t wait for tomorrows program, I have even been getting up early to do them, no excuses!


I’m busy and its three hours drive to the nearest gym! I have been lucky enough to find Joy McClymont and her ” Off The Track Training Program”. Isolation sometimes means you miss out on a lot of things. I was stoked to find Joy had the same values within this program. This program can be done anywhere, no matter where you live. Joy has a great understanding of where we live, and she teaches you how to work with what you have got in your backyard. Her enthusiasm to help you to better health is very motivating. I will not hesitate in recommending anyone to do an “Off the Track Training” program, as it is truly brilliant!

"I joined the hub to bring fitness and wellness into the spotlight in my life. I’m a lot stronger and that's a big benefit and in regards to food, it’s definitely encouraged me to try different things. The help and support and the information that you get through the program makes you more aware of health and how important it is."

Emma Taylor

"The biggest ticket items for me in the Hub has been with food and motivation and the fitness has certainly been great for me as a bonus because I've been really able to get into a groove and just not even think about it. I look forward to it and don't look at it as being a chore."

Annabel Tully
 "I have met some terrific people and I certainly would not have achieved any of my physical goals without being involved in the Hub.

The exercise achievements, nutrition diet and goal setting support have made it all possible. Thanks Joy."

Louise Martin

We focus on helping you feel: 

Motivated and consistent to achieve your goals


Supported and connected to a group of determined people


Knowledgeable on how to eat healthy nutritious food for life.


Challenged and determined to live your greatest life

Capable of taking control of your health anywhere, anytime
Strong, confident, fit and energised - just to name a few!  
Our Hub Team of trainers and expert will help you all the way with
Coaching Calls and Group Support

so you'll never feel alone, overwhelmed or ready to give up.
You will get exclusive access to:  
24 Week Program  including weekly and monthly fitness, nutrition and motivation plans.  Follow the program and embark on a journey of discovering what your body and mind is capable of achieving when you have the support, guidance and motivation of our Coaching Team and community.
Access to group Coaching Sessions to discuss all of those hugely important aspects of fitness, nutrition and mindset that make all the difference to your success.  Our Coaching Team is always there to support you because that's what's needed to achieve the big goals.
BONUS valuable nutrition and lifestyle medicine programs and tutorials that are mapped out easily for you each week and month.  All programs are created and delivered by our very own HUB naturopath/nutritionist, Stacey Curcio from Cultivating Wellness.  
Access to private Facebook Group where you have open access to support, motivation and direct contact with your our Coaching Team as well as so many other Hub Members all humming along.  
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24 Week - Level 1 Workbook
(Value $27.00)
  • Take your program anywhere, and follow it at anytime
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Tracking Sheet
  • Daily Exercise & Stretch
  • Weekly Workouts
  • Nutrition Foodie Task
  • Mindset Task
8 GB USB Loaded with 24 Weeks of Workouts & Nutrition Hub Chats
(Value $47.00)
  • NO reliance on internet connection
  • 24 Weeks of audio workouts
  • 24 Workout Video Demonstrations
  • Foodie Chats with Stacey Curcio
  • Hub Chats with Joy McClymont
  • Guest Speakers

Off The Track Training Cap & Waterbottle

(Value $27.00)

Choose your payment options below:
You’ll receive ACCESS to the HUB Program on the 31st January and BONUSES WILL BE IMMEDIATELY POSTED AFTER PURCHASE.
To resigned you must give 30 Days notice to our team.
  • The 24 Week Online Program
  • Audio Workouts
  • USB Containing all Digital Materials
  • Weekly Food Focus Tasks & Nutritional Tutorials with Stacey Curcio
  • 24 Week Program Diary 
  • Access Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Full Access to Joy's Fitness Hub Mobile App
You’ll receive ACCESS to the HUB Program on the 31st January and BONUSES WILL BE IMMEDIATELY POSTED AFTER PURCHASE.
You'll receive 1 x months FREE when you pay upfront.
  • The 24 Week Online Program
  • Audio Workouts
  • USB Containing all Digital Materials
  • Weekly Food Focus Tasks & Nutritional Tutorials with Stacey Curcio
  • 24 Week Program Diary 
  • Access Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Full Access to Joy's Fitness Hub Mobile App
No Contracts – No Hidden Fees

Get support on your health and fitness journey and take the first step toward improving your health with my Joy's Fitness Hub Membership Program. There are no surprise hidden fees, just one flat rate, billed monthly.  You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Must complete a form inside your membership and email to my friendly support team at support@offthetracktraining.com.au.

Joy McClymont CEO Off The Track Training Pty Ltd

Click the button below and get ready to START on the 1st February 2020!
Got Questions? I've Got Answers...

Read below or contact JOY support@offthetracktraining.com.au

It's big for me to be feeling so much stronger and energised as that's one of my main motivations for starting the program. I feel like I'm finding my old self again and discovering that getting closer to 50 doesn't mean I can't still be fit, strong and capable!

At some point I realised I was going to have to take better care of my own health and fitness if we were going to get through the family challenges I was facing. I tried getting back into fitness with limited success. Figuring out where and how to start at my age and stage was proving to be a challenge. That's when I signed up to your program and I'm so glad I did!
It has met me where I'm at so that it feels achievable and has guided me in all the right directions so that I'm seeing real changes for the better, not just physically but mentally as well. I love the inclusive and supportive environment of the Hub Program and from you Joy, it really does make a difference. I'm proud of myself for making changes happen and grateful to your program for being the support I need."

Sonia Evans

Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to join the program?  Absolutely not!  We cater for all levels of fitness by providing modifications to sessions and workouts.  We give you the choice to complete the beginner, intermediate or advanced level each week, so you can adjust the intensity as you improve.  

Can I take the workouts and program with me when I travel? Yes, absolutely!  

This program is possible to complete anywhere anytime, especially with the diary and USB. These three resources allow you to follow the program regardless of internet access. A landline or mobile phone is handy to dial into coaching hour from anywhere.  

Can I stop and start the program? This program is self-paced so you can start and stop at any stage. It's normal to have good weeks and crazy ones so please don't let that kick you off the motivation wagon.  Pick yourself and keep progressing, one step at a time!  
Do I need any special equipment?  No special equipment is necessary!  Every exercise and workout can be completed by simply creating a little bit of space, wherever you are.  As you progress through the program you may feel like you want to add some extra weight to your strength sessions.  We help you utilise what you have around you.  Purchasing special equipment is not necessary.

Can I ask a question about the program to Joy or her team? Definitely!  We encourage it! 

It's really easy and there are lots of ways you can get help, support or guidance
1.  Email to support@offthetracktraining.com.au
2.  Attend Joy's monthly Coaching Hour
3.  Tag Joy in our private Joy's Fitness Hub Membership Facebook group.  

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