It's time to FIND YOUR JOY!
Take control of your life AND
ACHIEVE life long health, fitness and motivation.

Your complete home-based health and fitness program.

Does it ever feel like your health and fitness is letting you down
​​​​​​​and your missing out on the JOY's of life ?  

This is your time to take control of your life. You are worth it!  
How you feel, function and what you achieve is within your control.  We only get one chance at life; it's a waste to spend it sore, tired, sick or injured.  
It's time to really lean into living and make the most of every day by being in the best physical and mental shape possible.  


  • Feeling strong and capable to lift, pull and push without aches and pains
  • Feeling confident to handle whatever life throws at you
  • Seeing yourself as a fit and strong person
  • Being free and willing to choose healthy foods without guilt
  • Feeling energised  throughout the whole day
  • Being an active and healthy role model to your friends and family
  • Seeing the possibilities beyond the impossible and never giving up
  • Being consistent and motivated in adopting healthy habits into your life; forever

When you join Joy's Fitness Hub
you become an exclusive member of our
virtual health and fitness community. 

As a Hub Member you will have access to:  
Joy's Fitness Hub Program
Home based fitness, nutrition and motivation program 
Fitness planners
HUB Program Workbook 
Audio workouts
Video demonstrations
Coach support 
All fitness levels are catered for within the program.  
LIVE Video & Audio Workouts
Personal access to guided audio and video workouts with chief fitness trainer Joy McClymont and her team of Hub trainers including HIIT & stretching Instructor, Sasha Treloar
Community & Support
Stay motivated and connected with people just like YOU!
Private Chat ask your coaches a question privately within your membership. 
Social Wall - Don't have Facebook? You can still interact and meet other Hub Members on our social wall. 
Open Q & A with trainers and experts including Joy McClymont (fitness trainer) and Stacey Curcio (Naturopath & Nutritionist)
Mobile App
BRAND NEW - Joy's Fitness Hub app launching January 2019.
Easy to access audio and video workouts
Entire Hub Program accessible via our JFH App
FREE for all Joy's Fitness Hub Members in 2019
The HUB Team
​​​​​​​Supporting you all the way! 

Your In-Hub Health & Fitness Professionals
Joy McClymont
CEO Off The Track Training & Creator of Joy's Fitness Hub.
​​​​​​​Fitness & Motivation Coach

Cert III & IV Personal Trainer
Swimming Coach
​​​​​​​Level 1 Triathlon Coach
Personal Fitness Trainer, Motivator and Mum of 4. 
  • 2 x Live Workout Sessions Weekly
  • Monthly Coaching Podcasts
Stacey Curcio
Director Cultivating Wellness.
​​​​​​​Joy's Fitness Hub Naturopath & Nutritionist
Stacey is a fully qualified Naturopath, with a Masters of Human Nutrition, and a Mum of 2.
Stacey's mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of others, and demonstrate the value of lifestyle, nutritional and naturopathic medicine.
  • Weekly Food Tasks & Educational Podcasts
Sasha Treloar
HIIT & Stretching Trainer/Coach
Cert IV Fitness

Sasha is a Mum and fitness coach who has a long history of being fit, healthy and busy.
Sasha has a diverse experience with fitness from gymnastics, triathlons and more recently 
High Intensity Interval Training.  
Helping her family to be holistically fit and healthy is a high priority for Sasha.  
  • 1x HIIT Live Workout Session Weekly
  • 1x Stretch Live Workout Session Weekly
Dirk Baxendell
Dirk is one of only a handful of physiotherapists that has specialisations in both Sports and Musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
  • BAppSciHMS; BAppSciPHTY; MMSP Title - Musculoskeletal
  • Physiotherapist (Tier 2 -Titled); Sports
  • Physiotherapist (Tier 2 -Titled); Exercise Physiologist
Listen here to HOW our awesome
Joy's Fitness Hub Members are winning at life!
 "I have met some terrific people and I certainly would not have achieved any of my physical goals without being involved in the Hub.

The exercise achievements, nutrition diet and goal setting support have made it all possible. Thanks Joy."
Louise Martin

MEET Sonia Evans!  Champion Hub Member!
JOY'S FITNESS HUB is perfect if you're looking for
​​​​​​​coaching support, guidance, motivation and connection.
Your Joy's Fitness Hub Membership includes......
Access to our self-paced Hub Program,  including weekly and monthly fitness, nutrition and motivation plans.  Follow the Hub Program and embark on a journey of discovering what your body and mind is capable of achieving when you have the support, guidance and motivation of the Hub Team and community.  
Access to LIVE home based workouts with your trainer/s and Hub group via phone and/or video, where we do a mix of strength, cardio and stretching sessions 4 - 5 days per week.  All workouts are available for replay so you can do them in your own time.  Meet and chat with your trainer/s and Hub buddies every day, every week to keep you motivated and on track.  
Access to group Hub Chats and Coaching Calls to discuss all of those hugely important aspects of fitness, nutrition and mindset that make all the difference to your success.  Our Hub Team is always there to support you because that's what's needed to achieve the big goals.   
All previous Hub Chats are available, including over 60 + hrs of valuable advice and support accessible to you via audio anytime, anywhere  
Access to a full library of valuable nutrition and lifestyle medicine programs and tutorials that are mapped out easily for you each week and month.  All programs are created and delivered by our very own HUB naturopath/nutritionist, Stacey Curcio from Cultivating Wellness.  
Access to private Facebook Group where you have open access to support, motivation and direct contact with your Joy and her team of Hub Trainers and experts, as well as so many other Hub Members all humming along.  
Access to over 100 + home-based workouts via audio that make it possible for you to workout anywhere, anytime for the rest of your LIFE!  Bring on that consistency!!!
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Member’s Only LIVE Workouts with your personal trainer.
  • Suitable for any fitness level
  • Connect with trainers and other members
  • Tick off in your own time
  • No equipment or large spaces are needed
  • Access on the road or at home
Meet Stacey Curcio - Nutritionist & Naturopath
EASY to follow Food Focus Tasks  +
Advanced Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Tutorials with Naturopath/Nutritionist, Stacey Curcio
from Cultivating Wellness

  • 24 x Food tasks that easily step out the fundamentals of a healthy diet
  • Advanced Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Tutorials related to current scientific research and relevant topics such as gut health, hormones, stress, energy and much more
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and the impact on
  • Learn new recipes and cooking techniques suitable for the whole family
  • You will be inspired to eat whole, nourishing foods and you and your family will be supported every step of the way
Joy's Fitness Hub is for you if you:

Want motivation and consistency


Like feeling part of a group to workout with and learn from


Need nutrition guidance that is realistic and easy to understand


Like a program that is flexible but challenging 

Like working out in your own space and time
Want to increase whole body strength, stamina and suppleness
Want to be fit, healthy and blissfully happy FOR LIFE!  
Sign me up for JOY!
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You can resign, rejoin or put your membership on hold with 30 days notice at anytime throughout your program by simply contacting our support team.  
per month
Save 20% - $127 per month
  • The Hub Program Workbook
  • Audio Workouts
  • ​​​​​​​USB Containing all Digital Materials
  • Weekly Food Focus Tasks & Nutritional Tutorials with Stacey Curcio
  • 4 x Live Workouts per week
  • ​​​​​​​Hub Program Workbook 
  • Access Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Hub Chats with Joy McClymont & Special Guests
  • Full Access to Joy's Fitness Hub Mobile App
You can resign or rejoin the Hub when your membership renews at the 12 month mark.  
You'll receive 2 x months FREE when you pay annually.  
Save 20% - $1,164 annually
  • The Hub Program Workbook
  • Audio Workouts
  • ​​​​​​​USB Containing all Digital Materials
  • Nutritional Tutorials with Stacey Curcio
  • 4 x Live Workouts per week 
  • Access Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Hub Chats with Joy McClymont & Special Guests
  • Full Access to Joy's Fitness Hub Mobile App
No Contracts – No Hidden Fees

Get support on your health and fitness journey and take the first step toward improving your health with my Joy's Fitness Hub Membership Program. There are no surprise hidden fees, just one flat rate, billed monthly.  You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Must complete a form inside your membership and email to my friendly support team at

Joy McClymont CEO Off The Track Training Pty Ltd

Click the “Enrol Now” Button and start your Joy's Fitness Hub Program TODAY!
Got Questions? I've Got Answers...

Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to join the Hub?

Absolutely not!  We cater for all levels of fitness by providing modifications to sessions and workouts.  We give you the choice to complete the beginner, intermediate or advanced level each week, so you can adjust the intensity as you improve.  

How long does my membership last?
Your membership will continues for as long as you wish to stay involved.  Each week and month you are an active member a new weekly or monthly program is available to you.  As you progress through the program you will have access to new workouts, nutrition tutorials and support.  

When will the first monthly payment be deducted?

The day you register for the Hub is the first monthly payment.  Monthly payments will then occur on the same day each month, for the duration of your membership.  

Do I need any special equipment?
No special equipment is necessary!  Every exercise and workout can be completed by simply creating a little bit of space, wherever you are.  As you progress through the program you may feel like you want to add some extra weight to your strength sessions.  We help you utilise what you have around you.  Purchasing special equipment is not necessary.
Can I take the workouts and entire program with me when I travel?

Yes, absolutely!  

This program is possible to complete anywhere anytime, especially with the mp3 player, diary and USB.  These three resources allow you to follow the program regardless of internet access.  A landline or mobile phone is handy to dial into live workouts from anywhere.  

Can I stop and start the program?
Yes you can!  This program is self-paced so you can start and stop at any stage.  If you’d like to stop your membership for a set amount of time and re-enter then all you need to do is contact our Support team. To stop your membership completely you simply need to notify our Support team and give 30 days notice.  
Can I ask a question about the program to Joy or her team?

Definitely!  We encourage it!

We have a button in Joy’s Fitness Hub that enables you to lodge a question or request more support in any of the key areas - Fitness, Motivation, Nutrition, Technology.  

We will answer these within 48 hrs so we don’t leave you hanging! Joy also host a monthly Coaching Hour call which enables you to ask her any questions relating to your own personal motivation, health and fitness or anything at all relating to the program.  

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