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Get A Life

If you think I’m one of those fanatical freak fitness trainers that eat, think and breathe exercise, then you are sadly mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing fit things and I love talking, and helping people feel and look fit too, but I’m not a “fit-at-all-costs” type of chick. I want you all to know that, just so you realise that I don’t believe to be fit and healthy requires you to sacrifice your whole life’s hobbies and pleasures just to achieve it. In fact it’s best if you sacrifice very little. Fitness needs to fit with you and your life. This is the best way to achieve the ultimate work, life, health balance! But fitting in fitness during this time of year, can be tricky!

At the moment we are in the thick of the festive season, which usually involves excessive amounts of family time and food. Personally, there’s no way I’m going to forgo home made trifle, which I indulge in but once a year, just to maintain my low sugar consumption (which is totally necessary mind you). Once a year won’t kill me! I’d be silly to even consider leaving my nieces and nephews, who I haven’t seen for 3 years, running up hills and swimming in the dam with my children, just to fit that chunky fitness session in. Get real! There are a lot of times in your life when fitting in that fitness session just has to slip in priority one or two spots.   However there’s a lot you can do during these busy times that will still keep you with a finger in the fitness-mince pie, as well as the family loop!

Here’s how I’m fitting in fitness with my family:

  1. Racing my kids
  2. Taking a walk with the family
  3. Kicking the footy
  4. Playing cricket
  5. Bomb diving in the dam
  6. Throwing my kids around in the pool
  7. Doing push ups at the bench every time you boil the kettle (goodness knows how many times we have a cuppa at Christmas)
  8. Climbing a hill
  9. Kayaking, paddling and treading water
  10. Playing spotlight (yes acting like a kid really is the best fitness)

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