Calm your farm Mum! – How fitness can help you and your kids survive school holidays?

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IMG_2713-1Busy kids are good kids!

At the moment there are no doubt a lot of parents out there trying to calm their farms whilst handling kids home on holidays. Whether they are back from boarding school, out of the distance ed school room or normal classroom; they are buzzing around, under our feet and bringing a whole lot more noise, excitement and at times frustration.

I for one believe that busy kids are good kids! If they whinge then they obviously need a job! My four children are all 7 years and under however there are definitely things they can be doing to help out. If that job then turns into a game, that doesn’t need me to referee, then I’m all for it.

It’s a fine line however when you find yourself up to your neck in washing and then enter the kitchen to find your children have trashed the area and dumped kid crap everywhere. How many deep breaths can you take before blowing your top?IMG_4551-1

This is where fitness for you and the family can be the answer to cooling your jets and getting everybody doing something fun and beneficial.

So here are my TOP 5 CALM YOUR FARM FITNESS METHODS to ensure that all kids return to school ALIVE!

  1. Any screen time accumulates to activity time – 20min TV = 20min footy/ cricket or riding bikes
  2. Family fitness competition – “Who in the family is the planking guru?”.
  3. One Fit Wonder – Start punching out push ups, planking, star jumps, squat or whatever. We are usually one good workout away from IMG_4547a good mood.
  4. Put on some music and make it loud! Take that fitness session you are meant to tick off (if you are in Joy’s Fitness Hub, you’ll have it in your weekly program) and get into it.
  5. Flex yourself! Bend, stretch and measure yourself against your kids. They will love seeing you do your favourite yoga moves!! Fun for the whole family!