Believe it or not! I AM FIT Philosophies


I AM FIT Philosophies

#1 Belief

Belief is a critical factor in achieving anything more from your body. It’s also one thing that can keep us stuck in a rut, achieving way less than we want to.  

There are two elements of belief:

  1.    Your belief in your ability
  2.    Your belief in fitness

The Belief in Your Ability

Ask yourself these questions:

  •    What do you truly believe about yourself in relation to your fitness?
  •    What’s been your experience with fitness in the past?
  •    How do you classify your fitness ability now?
  •    What do you believe you can achieve?

Answering these questions will help identify your true barriers, challenges and pathways to achieving your desired level of fitness, which is uniquely individual.

So, what’s your story?

Let’s look closely at those aspects of life that determine what our real belief’s are in our ability to be fit.

Starting right from childhood we usually have some sort of experience with physical fitness, even if we don’t realise it at the time. Whether it be through sport for leisure or competition, incidental activity like working on a farm, playing active games or even watching our parents play, they all shape our view of what physical fitness means and/or looks like and will ultimately impact our beliefs as adults.  

What you believed about your ability to be fit when you were a kid and what you believe now are closely connected.  How coaches treated you, what other kids said to you, whether you got picked in teams or not, whether you came first, last or didn’t participate. All of these factors paint a clear picture for your beliefs now.

Regardless of this, you must decide what you are going to hold onto and what you will let go of. This idea of taking control of your thoughts and beliefs to help create change is what we nurture at Off the Track Training.  How we engaged and what we achieved in the fitness world as a child, does not determine what we can achieve as an adult.  Just because you came last in a running race in Year 4, doesn’t mean you are a bad runner forever.  Just because you didn’t get picked in the netball team when you were 12 doesn’t mean you cannot or should never play netball as an adult.  We all have the capacity to change and improve our fitness; it’s entirely up to us. Previous beliefs should not determine your level of success. It’s your call!

Your Belief In Fitness

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I truly believe being fit is beneficial to me?
  2. Do I truly want to feel fit?
  3. Do I truly believe that fitness can help solve my problems?

Regardless of your physical fitness history, it is important to determine if you actually believe in the benefits of being physically fit and how strong that belief is.  That single belief has shaped the passion and life purpose for coaches, personal trainers, medical professionals and athletes. However, it is not like that for everyone, nor does it really need to be.

When we are feeling unfit, unhealthy, sick, injured, tired and unmotivated we often believe that fitness isn’t the answer and we don’t even consider it being connected .  A lot of the time we associate the cause of these feelings with external factors like work, relationships, weather or stress and we tend to believe that we are beyond help and totally useless.  At these low points it’s important to consider and ask ourselves whether we truly believe that fitness can help overcome the issues affecting our life?  

Fitness may not be the silver bullet to solve all of our challenges in an instant, but it definitely helps load the gun.  We only see action and change when we truly believe in the benefits of fitness and its role in helping us, help ourselves.

A person who has never engaged in physical activity or achieved any sort of success with fitness, will find it difficult to believe in its ability to make a difference.  Consequentially it can be more difficult for them to start a fitness journey and stay motivated. It is a vicious cycle, because as people delay starting a fitness routine, it’s more difficult to stay motivated and the results are harder to see if at all.  Once people get even a small taste of these benefits such as losing weight, decreasing blood pressure, having a smaller waist line or increasing energy, it sets them on a path to believing in themselves and the benefits of fitness to their life.

So here’s where to start.

Decide Now!

After reading this article, answering the questions and taking some time to determine your beliefs, make a decision about what you will believe about yourself and what you will believe about the benefits of fitness.

It’s up to you!  

Finish these sentences:

I believe I am capable of…………………………………………………………………………….

Fitness is beneficial to me because…………………………………………………………………

“The body achieves what the mind believes”  

Catch you soon cool cats!