Keep the Merry in Christmas and learn how to

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12-Day Fitmas Fest

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   Daily Workouts -  done in less than 20min, anywhere, anytime, no gear
   Nutrition Tasks - what and how to eat to feel good this festive season 
 BONUS Resources:  info sheets, Meal Plans, Recipes, Audio Workouts and Nutrition Tutorials
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How am I going to fit in fitness whilst I'm so busy cooking, travelling and entertaining? 

It is 100% possible for you to fit in fitness and critically important if you want to feel your best at Christmas. 

Joy McClymont, Fitness Trainer explains why......

Managing your energy and moods during this time of year is absolutely critical if you want to enjoy the festive season and not be completely exhausted, struggling to keep your eyes open or wrap another present.

Fitting in fitness doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the fun, it just means that you are prioritising some time out for yourself.  It's important that you realise that not all workouts should be hard.  Balancing overload with rest and recovery is vitally important, which is why this 12 Day program is so unique.  We give you plenty of rest!  

Will I miss out on all the yummy celebration food?
No you won't have to miss out on celebration food! 

Stacey Curcio, Naturopath/ Nutritionist explains why.......

The festive season is always full of food and drinks that really bring the celebration to life.  It's important that we enjoy this time and don't feel restricted by food however how we nourish ourselves has such a profound impact on our mood that we need to be fully aware of making great choices that keep our energy high and our emotions level.

Enjoy and learn from the wide range of Food Tasks, Recipes, Meal Plans and Tutorials that we've put together to guide you through the festive season.  

Festive Season Wellness Tips

Festive season wellness tips in audio and PDF by our Naturopath/Nutritionist Stacey Curcio, Cultivating Wellness.

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Crap-free Christmas - 2018 Edition

Healthy Christmas Recipes to keep you feeling good this festive season. All recipes are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free but loaded with flavour! Make your Christmas a healthy one! - Shan, My Food Religion

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Educational Foodie Chats
Stacey Curcio digs deep into food tips to help you get through the Christmas holidays.

Released 9 days ago
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