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  • Want to squeeze some fitness and fun into your busy lifestyle?
  • Would you like to find the right headspace?
  • Or develop skills and knowledge around food and nutrition?
  • Are you ready to get back into exercise with the right partner – no excuses?

You have arrived at the right place!

Off the Track Training will help you get your fitness and training on track through:

  • Expert Education with qualified professionals
  • Motivation Mojo to kick start and inspire, plus
  • Positive Personal Support with our trainer, nutritionist and your very own FB support crew

Our programs are simple, fun and achievable:

  • Using what you’ve got in your own house or backyard!
  • Varied for all fitness levels
  • Starts small with achievable, simple steps built around your lifestyle
  • Provide clear guidelines on what, why & how we need to eat
  • Make the most of the time you have available, even if that is just five minutes
  • Will establish positive health habit and attitudes – forever!
  • Can change your life

You can:

  • Do it anywhere!
  • Do it with the kids!
  • DO it while you’re busy!
  • Just get started and DO it!
“Exercising outdoors, in the landscape, is regarded as the preferred environment with optimal benefits to your body and mind. Our programs are based on these core beliefs, which result in a greater sense of health and happiness.”Off the Track Training

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Joy McClymont is an dedicated to providing access to top level fitness, nutrition and motivation mojo.

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Off The Track Training programs are simple, fun and achievable solutions for your health and wellbeing.

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