Create a fitness habit that merges with your life

If you're a MUM, fitting in fitness amongst family and business responsibilities is always a juggle, but if you don't prioritise that time for yourself then it will definitely be swallowed up by something or someone else.

WORK FOR IT! Work for that time of the day where you get to escape, feel strong, energised, be you, get out of the house/office or whatever and feel alive!!!

Smile, this is your time!!!


Parenting is one of the toughest yet most amazing gifts we can be given. There's no doubt that some days parenting makes me want to scream, laugh and sob uncontrollably. It's an ongoing battle of emotional guilt that comes from "working too much" and "parenting too little."

So how do we know when things just aren't right; what do we do and who do we listen to? 
This is what I listen to.

FIRST - My gut! 
I always feel it in my gut first and foremost if something is wrong. This may sound completely weird however if you have ever read anything about the gut/brain axis then you will completely understand. That twisty, twirly, sicky type feeling that tells me that something just ain't quite right, sits right there in my tum. I've learnt to take notice of it and take action with what I believe in my gut to be the answer.

SECOND - The vibe! 
Your vibe determines how your tribe behaves. 
If things aren't quite right I can see it in my kids behaviour, in my connection to my husband, in my mood towards others, which all stems from my overall attitude towards life. Once again, for me to be sending out that vibe, something just isn't right. I have to keep on asking myself the questions? What's out of line here? What's upsetting the vibe and what do I need to either add or delete from my life to make it all feel better?

Quite often, for me, it's that I'm rushing and brushing. Rushing - doing things without thinking, feeling pressured, unplanned and completely under the pump. 
Brushing - this is what happens when I am rushing. I brush people and family aside, I miss important steps, events, information and moments that should be noticed.

THIRD - My trusted, loving and honest family & friends! 
Now this is a bit risky and tricky, and to be honest not everyone can give this type of advice to a parent or receive it because, let's face it, none of us like being told we're getting walked over by our children, working too much or being a tad slack on the "consequence" thing. 
I'm forever grateful to some very good friends that will often just check in with me on where things are at and maybe direct me towards paying a little more attention to this or that. I'll never forget my youngest child being 2 years old and ridiculously bossy, whingy and forever on my hip, demanding everything and essentially dominating everybody's life. I had a very good friend stay who subtly mentioned that the 2 year old was walking all over me. It was strange because with 3 other kids, I had not even noticed I was being bullied by my 2 year old and so were the other 3. So the naughty chair was established and we were all saved, thanks to a very caring and honest friend. No, it wasn't that easy but completely worth it! The old age saying that parents know best is still true, however sometimes we can't see what the problems are even if they are right in front of us, and this is why having other parents to help us see the light is what makes all the difference. It really does take a community to raise a child (or parent).

LAST but not at all least - FOOD & FITNESS! 
The impact that what I eat and how much I move has on my ability to parent is indisputable. 
"We're just one workout away from a good mood" could not be more true in my experience and there have been many times late night runs that have allowed me to breathe deep, vent my frustrations, clear my head and re-enter the parent role with a clean slate and a much better perspective. 
I am so passionate about the importance of looking after yourself physically and mentally, first and foremost. It is without a doubt the greatest determining factor in how we handle challenges, juggle life and interact with our family and friends. 
Fundamentally we need to be healthy and fit to handle life. Get that right and the rest will fall into place so much easier. Get it wrong and you'll be forever just putting a band aid solution in place that works for a short time and has no use after just one dunk in the water. 
I absolutely realise how tricky it can be to feel like you have it all under control and are able to practise some sort of self-care let alone an actual fitness session or well balanced meal. Believe me, we're all living with that challenge and we have to accept it with gusto. Take yourself on as your most important health project and get interested in being at the top of your game.

Finally, to all parents out there with more washing than time, let's tune into how we are feeling and accept that we are a work in progress every day of our lives. So work for it! Work for those times when you're proud you got it done, work for the times when you feel confident and sure, work for the times when you feel the perfect combination of your old-self and the awesome parent you are, work for the times when you genuinely know and believe that each day you get to live in this world is a gift. 
Now go forth and let's get it done!!! 

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